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february 4, 2017

Destination weddings have grown increasingly popular in recent years. Who wouldn’t love the idea of leaving the stressful planning and drama behind and escaping with your closest family and friends? Interestingly enough 70% of destination weddings happen in the continental United States. It’s nice to know that if the sun and sand aren’t your thing you still have options! Places like Iceland, Argentina, the Redwood forest and Yellowstone National Park have all grown in popularity. Each individual place has a unique feel to it. No matter what your style and interest are you can certainly find a great destination.

Here are a few tips if you think you will be planning a destination wedding in the near future.

Save The Date Cards
Not everyone you plan to invite has a “my friend is planning a destination wedding” fund. Aside from saving money for travel expenses people will need to request the time off of work and find care for children or animals. So give your guests a heads up! Some people you invite might plan to turn your wedding into a vacation so send out those save the date cards 8-12 months before the wedding date.

Trust the professional
There is a certain amount of trust you will need to have in the professionals who you will be working with on your wedding. Unless you have money put away specifically to travel back and forth from your destination to meet with your vendors you will be doing the majority of the planning with them via phone or email. It’s important that you trust them to handle things in you absence. The venue will either put you in touch with their list of preferred vendors (people they have worked with in the past and who the venue knows will do a great job) or they will actually handle everything in house (this happens at a lot of tropical destination weddings). Remember they have been doing this for a long time and they are capable of making your vison come to life.

Ask For A Locals Opinion
When having a destination wedding you may not always be familiar with the area. It’s important to rely on people who do to help you with things like accommodations for you guests, restaurants for the rehearsal dinner, and beautiful places for wedding photography. You can always search for these things online but nothing compares to an actual residents option. The top results of your internet search for restaurant or hotel may be very different than a local’s advice.

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